The Ministry

ministry photo (6)Française:
Bienvenue à Terre Promise Communauté Charismatique Internationale (PLICC). Notre but est d’enseigner et de partager sur la grâce de Dieu avec simplicité et la compréhension afin que les gens peuvent être en mesure de se déplacer librement dans leur vie quotidienne. Les personnes de tous les horizons de la vie peuvent facilement comprendre la puissance et l’amour de Dieu dont nous disposons.


twitter: @Plicc13 


Ps Re aka CebileWelcome to Promise Land International Charismatic Community (PLICC). Our goal is to teach and share on the Grace of God with simplicity and understanding so people may be able to move freely it in their daily lives. People from all walks of life can easily understand the power, and the love of God available to us.


twitter: @Plicc13

Facebook page : “Plicc” – Terre Promise

9 comments on “The Ministry

  1. Wow! The Lord is good. Our prayers are with you. The work the Lord has started, He will complete…… Love you!

  2. This is awesome Cebz!! May Leviticus 26:9-10 be your portion!! May GOD give you favour and increase on every side and we decree a bountiful harvest of souls and disciples and provision!! Luke 2:52- like Jesus may you grow in stature and wisdom and in favour with GOD and man!!

  3. je crois dans le ministère que Dieu ta donne, Que Dieu vous bénisse et vous garde dans son amour. I pray for you Léo :)

  4. Wow I’m very impressed about your ministry. When we were at 3C, I saw in you a real child of God concerned with the work of God. Let our lord Jesus bless you and the work you are doing. Roger David, youth leader and Accounting lecturer.

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