Understand the word “Need”

“I am the good shepherded. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.” John 10:11 (We must recognize Jesus as our shepherded and recognize ourselves as sheep. The sheep have enough food and rest. The sheep are satisfied). “The Lord is my shepherded; I shall not lack/need” Psalm 23:1 – (you should be constantly, continuously satisfied all the days of your life. It is your new covenant right that you have in Christ Jesus. If you have an unsatisfied area in your life, then you are free to go boldly to the throne of grace and ask – you shall surely receive from your loving heavenly Father).

What are the adjectives you have heard that accurately describe the sheep?
• Dumb
• Helpless
• Defenseless
• Trusting
• Can’t feed themselves
• Must be led to the water

How many characteristics are appealing to you? It may threaten our self-esteem and self-confidence to think of ourselves as sheep. We want to be seen as strong, independent, and self-sufficient. But the problem is, we aren’t. Jesus didn’t describe Himself as a lion tamer, or an alligator wrestler, or a snake charmer. He called Himself a Shepherd. “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

The secret is in the word: need;
What the sheep need is a shepherd: The sheep do not need money, the sheep do not need a girlfriend, the sheep do not need a husband, the sheep do not need new shoes, and the sheep do not need this or that… The shepherd provides ALL to his sheep; good-health, money, work, talent, home, husband, wife, children, holiday, causes, more more more ….In abundance, until the sheep is well fed and satisfied. Say it out loud, “I do not need this or that, what I need is Jesus and all these things shall be added unto me”.

So what you and I need is Jesus, a good shepherd… There is only one need for the sheep, thee need; our Lord Jesus … and everything else, He (Jesus) has already died for you to receive. Our Father God (in His love, mercy and grace) has already sacrificed Jesus so we can be satisfied today with all, everything life has to offer! Satisfaction can never ever be withheld from you. You are recognized in Heaven and on Earth!

Bless You,



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