Spiritual Nutrition

American schoolers noticed that their population have a high rate of impacted -teeth; they therefore conducted a research whose outcome claimed that was the cause, due to human jaws getting smaller & smaller…but Dr Weston Price, the dentist argued that infact impacted wisdom teeth are due to -nutrition and eating processed food.

4 Wisdom Teeth#SpiritualNutrition, like most topics, the Lord draws me towards a subject, at a specific time, and last couple of weeks it was on wisdom teeth, & …even my wisdom teeth started to hurt.

Now the subject of nutrition: over-weight, struggling with yoyo weight, diet pills, understanding the body: it’s cravings, what to eat, when. What to drink, why. The guilt, it can cause confusion and people give up.

There is no shame; all nations struggle with food and eating properly. People must be taught, it’s not just that come with age. Having money or being rich also does not equal to nutritional or vital wisdom. It is true that poverty locks the doors to good nutrition but being rich doesn’t mean that people gain wisdom by having lots of money. People or nations must be taught what is best for their bodies.

Being overweight is a stealer. So for that reason alone, we cannot let the situation dominate us.

2008, I lost 20kg, I was 72kg & I had support from my colleagues & my ex-company. For my height the target was 54kg. Today, I maintain my weight around 58-53kg, nothing more & nothing less: I get the help from the city infrastructure that encourages walking & cycling, and Culture also helps. But I still run summer time & I ecxersize mostly at home. Again, ecxersize is not for loosing weight, it’s part of life, just like eating, bathing and sleeping. If you don’t do it, your body’s systems will crash, for sure!

Now, today my discussion isn’t so much about ecxersize than it is about nutrition. -Nutrition helps us understand different types of and the spiritual , so we can stand against these unseen yet powerful & .
More importantly what foods are good for our teeth & bones, our blood, skin, and the circumstances systems in our body. Most diseases stem from wrong beliefs, and if so, it means we can stand against all illnesses. The body creates new everyday to renew itself.

#Addiction: can be a result of a spiritual desire to run away from truth. An escape from life’s responsibility

#Cysts-Fibrosis, lumps: stem from being convinced that one is not worthy.

Another example
#Diabetes: comes from lack of faith or hope for the future. Chronic state of distress.

We should’nt just accept inherited illnesses as normal, we can stand against inherited diseases as well.

#High-Cholesterol: -righteousness, over critical, & cry for recognition.

And so on and so forth. I have prepared a paper on this subject, I will have to collaborate with specialist in health to endorse, scrutinize & contribute to what the Lord has given.

Because you are Loved, Africa. Prepare therefore to receive the guidelines to help you to dominate your nutritional condition and conquer these illnesses.

Just to see how easily we get into non-beneficial habits;
Growing up, we ate very good: vegetables , cabbs, different meats, we baked our bread “dumbles”, no salt or peri peri on the food, no spice & lots of fruits: we had avos, bananas, mangos, papayas, guavas, oranges, even pineapples on our backyard. Berries falling from the trees. Hardly ever candy/sweets and drank mainly water and occasionally drank diluted juices.

My mother, whose father was a farmer, influenced our way of eating. But culturally, we grew up and picked up bad eating habits & started eating junk food, infact we thought junk food is for the people more well off than us. Thus when we got older, we felt into that trap of thinking Sparkling drinks like coke we better, we started eating KFC, McDonald’s, burgerKing & all that greasy stuff and feeding it to our children.

Our cities, municipalities and government must be built in such a manner that these fast foods shops, are far out, to discourage our children from eating these brain killing highly saturated foods.

Health 6 things to know about oneselfFor a start, let’s introduce more -foods in our diets, reduce white things, carbohydrates, reduce bread if possible. Increase raw salads & reduce red meat. Ostrich and duck in place of beef. Reduce belly fat.
And reduce . A glass of wine per night can help you reduce alcoholic beverages for those who like a drink, especially over weekends. Weekend drinkers are mostly dangerous to over drink, trying to cover the score. I have noticed that people who take one glass of wine per night are moderate drinkers ..which also can benefit your heart condition.

If there was any topic close to my heart, it’s this one. Not only just from my heart but also the Lords heart towards us as a people. The Lord has loves us too much to just leave us to die at age 45 with heart attacks.

But it’s all across Africa, my people are dying of diseases that shouldn’t be killing us at this day and age. How can it be true that still claims so many lives in our continent in 2015. We should have had the vaccine by now… It’s not the first time West Africa is hit by this virus. We are more than capable…, We have doctors, we have labs, we have biologists, we have chemical engineer, universities, we have, we have….since has claimed more lives of Africans than anywhere else than we should be the ones supplying the world with treatment, and more research for cure.

The wonderful thing is that now we can gain the abundance of grace in wisdom …to implement ….because God has opened a door for prophets to rise amongst the people.

Let #2015 be our year yet…Let’s clean our , let’s take care of our & , it gives us food that nourishes our bodies so we can , and build facilities that will make our children .

Bless You

By PLICC Posted in Grace

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