What is it? What does it mean to be a humanitarian? What does it matter so much to understand issues of humanity?

Connecting words: #humanrights, #equality and #inclusiveness.
Respect and recognition are additional related words.

International Human Rights Day is 10 December. In my birth country we celebrate Human Rights day on the 21st of March

We must be able to discuss human/civil rights with our children. Human rights is part of civilization.

17 August 2014 we released a post on “The Gift Of Grace In Numbers” …where each number is explained from its root, numbers 0 to 1 or 1 to 0. Numbers associated with humanity are numbers 6 & 9, both sophisticated numbers but more so with a number 9. Music is math, in fact in both music is geometry number 9 rules. But in commerce, pricing and sales; number 9 works with or has power to manipulate our subconscious or consciousness; for example when we hear the price is 9,99 or 19,99 or anything 99, our minds think it’s cheap, reasonable or affordable. It’s the old trick in the book but it works all the time.

Number 9 has a global #consciousness; sympathy, empathy, compassion and generosity toward humanity. All things associated with being a humanitarian.


You can access the article on “The Gift Of Grace In Numbers” here: https://plicc.wordpress.com/?s=Grace+in+numbers&submit=Search

In the gospel of Paul or the gospel of Grace, in which we source our current set of beliefs: is that consciousness is the first foundation whereby a “Christ” (rock of ages) has deeply rooted or built a strong unmovable foundation. Our consciousness is a place where all beliefs resides; belief system are made out of the education system, parents teaching, religion, rituals, superstitions, illusions, traditions, arts and culture …all resides in the human consciousness (a human soul.)

consciousness — where reality and imagination meet, where feelings and emotions are processed.

Human Structure(16)In this area of our brains, we register all feelings and emotions which lead to beliefs. I know for one that Christianity discourages listening or acting according to feelings or being moved by feelings. Yet feelings strongly connected to who we are, when we suppress them we fail to dig deeper to understand where that feeling come from and so we are paralyzed by guilt. Guilt amongst other negative feelings cause all sorts of problems such as addictions, dependency and worse giving up on oneself. Such feelings surface again and again until they are addressed because they are registered into our consciousness.

As we move, we grow …so, some or most of these superstitions or beliefs they change, though others remain especially those true to who we are. 

Similarly to when people never relocate (move or migrate), whereby a person is born in village called Bennu, study there, live there, get married there, and die there; very little ever change in such a case in terms of belief system. 

Keep moving, keep growing!!! ~ Re PLICC 


How does our belief system (consciousness) connect to humanrights?

The first reason is already explained above, being a humanitarian is about sympathy, empathy, generosity and compassion towards others. These are a humanitarian attributes. These attributes can not be faked, they are rooted deep into a human’s consciousness which has been attained in knowledge and understanding of global humanitarian crisis history. 

Secondly as a humanitarian, one can not be judgmental, legalistic minded or a condemner of people(others). Being judgmental comes from a set of beliefs that are not forgiving towards one self and others. Legalistic people are people who are selfrighteous, who believe in self efforts and claim to live by those moral laws, eg law of Moses; these people are often first to throw stones at others and or call for others to throw stones on others. Legalistic people are those with opposite beliefs to grace consciousness. Grace consciousness is simple illuminated righteous:

because our sun “Christ our Re” is righteous then I am righteous. I was lost and far from who I really am, or separated from the light, but now I am righteous and illuminated because a Christ gone before me was my perfect atonement, a perfect offering…therefore I am righteous. I am forever righteous and forever approved, loved and forgiven. Past, present and future mistakes are already atoned for, therefore I am eternally righteous!

Now that is a person who has a free consciousness as such they can never prejudge others instead these people seek understanding and they are merciful and full of grace. They are humanitarians. They are interested in the betterment of all human beings because we are all equal and we have all missed the mark. We all seek Grace. 

Hardwork does not make people more or less righteous; righteousness can not be earned, it is a state of being deeply rooted in our coinsciosness. 

“Grace mentality or grace consciousness is humanitarian consciousness.”

Then off course every one has each their specific area in humanitarianism that coincide with their calling, for example for our Re, it is “Recognition” … People’s rights for recognition, woman rights on recognition, girls’ rights. In general humanity must respect all human rights: LGBT rights, woman’s rights, children’s rights, minority’s rights, rights to access Internet, clean water, rights to electricity & energy, rights to education, rights to be heard, rights to dignified housing, rights to clean environment, rights to economic inclusion and so much more that sustainable development has to offer for the betterment of all people.

Other countries are ahead of other countries on human rights issues.
There are so many civil rights issues in many different countries, but less and less people want to stand up for those rights. Problem is, bad situations do not change themselves, people do, …it takes an individual… individuals must actually take an initiative so that the oppressed may be free, the poor to be elevated, prisoners freed, otherwise for years and years inside an age generations live under bad circumstances solely because nobody is willing to take a stand and create a movement that shift the consciousness of others.  

We shoul therefore remember that our righteousness doesn’t depend on doings or actions, it is entirely linked to grace – grace. Grace was granted to the world to give you and me back our righteousness. So we make make the wold even a much better place.

Some people believe a person must earn first Respect to be respected. The problem with this mentality is that people of color or women, widows, homeless, disabled people including children, never get respect even after doing all to try to earn it. What can a child possibly do to earn an adult’s respect, for example?? The truth of the matter is that to respect others, lies in the consciousness or set of beliefs of individuals. You may loose respect and also earn more of it, but being a human being alone should be enough to be respected.

#Recognition is closely linked to respect, but recognition is a study on its own. It is a different story because as much as we can earn more of recognition, governments or the world government is sort of forced to recognize every human being in one form or the other because of data collection, foreign affairs and home affairs must count every citizen and issue them with an identity document. Identification forms part of recognition. Recognition is a basic human right, but to understand further on this topic of Recognition, you can read more here:

#Inequality and #Inequity

Inequity and inequality are closely related in origin and in some of their secondary definitions, but there are differences between them. Inequality, meaning, primarily, the condition of being unequal, usually relates to things that can be expressed in numbers. Inequity, meaning injustice or unfairness, usually relates to more qualitative matters. So, for example, one might say that income inequality results from inequity in society. But inequality does cross into more qualitative territory when it means lack of equality in opportunity or treatment. This sense of inequality, often used in reference to disparities in rights or freedoms, is virtually interchangeable with inequity.

Finally see poem on “#Grace” for further understanding on the mercy and unconditional Love of God which we enjoy in Grace: https://plicc.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/the-poem-grace-doesnt-care-docx.pdf


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