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Law is universal love. There comes a time when a people has created their own laws to govern their own land, their oceans, their airspace, their society (including corporations & trade), their goods (all resources) and their livestock.

Nations are not meant to adopt laws from other nations. A nation without laws is a nation without love: a violent nation, where life itself is worthless, where money and material things are worth more than a life of a fellow human being or a life of living things. Nations are respected due to their standing laws.

There is a considerable amount of conflict to most people about the concept of LAW:

NextGenLaw creates opportunities of development and the order or system of affairs. Without law we have kayos on land, in the seas, in the air and outer space. Infect I learnt this in 2011 when I was writing my thesis on Airworthiness and the FAA space laws, specifically on the NextGen project (see pictures): that law creates good and bad but mostly great developments come from laws.

Yet, we think of law as only at a #legal level, associating it with restrictions and limitations or sometimes peculiarities relating to our own cultural background. We think of law as something from great books that should be studied, with emphasis upon presidency. We think of law as just, often cold, something with little consideration and necessities of human beings.

Therefore we are required to hold a lager concept of law. We must take away from it this rather tremendous emphasis of “thy shall not”. To the idealistic philosopher;
“law represents not only the eternal will of the creator, but also encloses within it concept, structure and the other aspects of God within it which are #wisdom and #love.”

Life brings us face to face with LAW and it is at that moment that we realize that we have fully grown. A man or woman who has made #harmony with law (specifically spiritual laws), lives a thoughtful life filled with understanding, a kind and good life, a generous life.

Infect Law doesn’t exist to limit the activity of anything, or to circumscribe. Actually law exist to #permit or #sustain the eternal unfold of a human life on earth. Law is forever #protective. And it gives to a human a Psychological security. It tells him or her that This law will preserve, protect every creature that has been through it.

Then as a race or as a continent, we must receive from the creator our own pillars, our own basis of the law for good governance. But a nation is made of individuals: therefore Individually we ought to possibly divide accurately the laws that governs us. In a simplest way as possible, this is a larger and general description of law to help us at least layout the map of laws on earth today.

There are 2 types of laws:
1. Universal (spiritual laws) or also called physical or natural laws.
2. Man made laws (systematic and applied physics laws) made from the manipulation of natural (universal) laws as man continues to create.

It is truly unfortunate that a human being only focuses on the 2nd type which man made laws and elevate them as presidential. It is truly a pity that a human can ever feel as though they’re drowning under a law that even could cause fear of the law.

We ought to be in harmony with the law especially the natural, universal or spiritual laws. The good thing about it is that through #Grace we can truly achieve that easily without even knowing all the spiritual laws that exists out there. 2012 November we released a newsletter on “spiritual blessings” explaining the spiritual laws:

The universal (natural) laws are the so called spiritual laws in which we can understand nature, the physical world, creation, love, will, all things that has to do with life itself whereby all humanity or all living things are contingent upon. From such laws we understand Physical Science; physics is a study of natural or universal laws which helps us to create material (physical) things; such as the law of gravity, law of evolution, law of attraction, aerodynamics, law of motion (vectors).

There is an important spiritual law which says, “As above, so it is below, and as below, so it is above”, also called a mirror effect. God therefore created —a potential a possibility –miracles, a chance of happenings, multiplications in space at a certain time: this very understanding allows us to imagine from already existing possibilities in heaven. As we #imagine we think, we believe, faith develops and then we create a pen, we create a television for instance. We multiply ourselves in our creations. We create corporations and these natural laws helps us to realize our dreams.

Actually universal law is the living blazing symbol of the Devine power itself. Perhaps the very ground of law is its own lawfulness. The #DevineWill in operation. It is this inevitable enlightened purpose, with absolute sufficiency by which the universe fulfills its own destiny, when a plan of which is already conceived unfolds reverently without deviation into the full realization of itself.

The wisest of mortals say that the universal law is the greatest good, the greatest beauty, the greatest love, the greatest wisdom that human can ever know. Law, is the best way of God saying I love you, my people, you are mine and I have called you by my name in order for me to pour out everlasting and enduring love towards you. And what an honor for me to receive these on our behalf, very thankful and beyond grateful that we have finally actually stand a chance and to creation itself has remembered us.

Grace VS LAW

Grace VS Law:

Many of us have heard a lot about Grace lately. In Christianity there is a this growing revolution of grace consciousness. What is Grace and what has it got to do with law?
Grace is one of the main universal laws of psychology. This refers to a set of beliefs, or a mentality. Freedom starts at the person’s mind. When a mind is set free, a person can now begin to live. Grace therefore gives that freedom to a person so that they may grow and develop.
The difference with Grace is that it has an effortless ability to get things done perfectly or orderly, as one would see in reference to all nature, nature unfolds beautiful and naturally like the blossom on a tree.
Whereas law in psychology is given via religion, culture or tradition whereby an individual is expected to follow a set of norms, steps, processes set for them in a system as prescription for attaining success or blessings. Grace is a basis or a foundation of a spiritual intellectual renascence.

Law in religion is a different understanding than the law in philosophy. Philosophy affirms law.
A mixture of both (grace and law) is following the steps and expecting grace to push you forward, which never really works. Efforts get people somewhere which is halfway where grace can take an individual, because grace is natural.

Thus, most people go under the law or they later learn that they are under the law. Humanity must be in harmony with the law, not under anything.


Now let’s look at the 2nd set of types of laws, —the Men made laws (systematic and applied physics laws) made from the manipulation of natural (universal) laws as men continues to create.

Men here is representing “humanity” not necessarily males.

In electricity we have ohms law or Joules law, these are the names of people who are innovators or researchers. They combined the three or four universal laws, manipulated them and created formulas that assisted us to apply them in the physical world so we can create different things. In mathematics is the same thing, Pythagoras is name of a person who along other mathematicians discovered that the entire creation functions in this phenomenal sacred geometric shapes.
So these laws are made by Humans: they can be challenged, they can be developed. They too help us to create, to grow to develop, to innovate etc.

That was in scientific view of human made laws. There is of course the bio-chemical laws that humans have created in order to regulate, engineer and regenerate. Everyone understands better within their field of expertise.

There is the business aspect of human made laws of which today they have created banks and this huge industrial production we know as factories, real estate, statues, infrastructure, corporations, stock exchange, global trade, United Nations, and all that.

This part is law itself creating new laws.

This may become too overwhelming for some, as often people play just a small role in a complex system -interlinked society. Even lawyers study a specific area on just how to work the system –often local system not necessarily international laws. The system however is lager than the independent states (countries)on earth. The entire world is governed by international laws.

According to the International laws there are also 2 types of legal laws:

1. Civil law or the law of the land
2. Admiralty Law, the law of the “High Seas” or The law of water: UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)

The law of the land is the law the culture (specific country) which includes all activities of the land.
The law of the land differs from country to country.

The law of maritime admiralty however has been created as such that it is a global law. It is the law of #globaltrade or money, the law of banking and it applies to all people in this world. It appears as though it is a law of ships, docks, seas, oceans and rivers but if you research, you understand that it says that it is a law that governs the seas and all things in the land that are of maritime in nature. Hence money is fluid in its nature, electricity or power is fluid in nature.

The river “banks” directing the flow of the “currency”. If you own a company in this world, you own cooperation you operate under the UCC law.

To understand this, you can read our page on the “tree of life” that we wrote in 2014:

stock-market-downMoney is our leaves (as if we were trees) and leaves are governed by the law of the air. The law of the air is the same as water in nature. It’s moved by current, it is “#currency”.

It is possible to conduct your own research and read a little about Admiralty law which is the same thing as maritime law. It governs private international law. It comes from the Law of the Sea, and this law of the Sea is a body of “public international law”. The public international law is the big commander; it deals with navigational rights, “mineral rights”, jurisdiction over waters. Islamic law also made major contributions to the admiralty law.

This has been a big subject that has kept me up at night, a lot of reading materials and questions. In the coming days I believe the Lord will begin pouring out various laws to help us as Africans build sustainable economic and social growth. Glory be to our God who has loved us.



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